Whether it is Mozart or Miley, your choice of music could determine whether you will perform well at your job.


SAT阅读文章推荐之‘听流行音乐能提高工作效率’  SAT备考  第1张

A new study suggests that listening to music in the office improves the speed and accuracy of tasks such as data entry, proof reading and problem solving.In an office-based experiment, 88 per cent of participants were found to produce their most accurate work when listening to music.The study also found that 81 per cent completed their fastest work when music was played.


And it matters what type of music you listen to. For instance, if you’re doing your tax returns, then classical music is the most effective as it improves maths skills.


Listening to Jessie J or Justin Bieber could also improve your speed, with 58 per cent of participants completing data entry tasks faster while listening to pop songs.

听贾斯汀·比伯(Justin Bieber)及杰西(Jessie J)的音乐也可以提高工作速率。58%的受试者在听时兴音乐时进行统计数据键入每日任务的速度相当快。

During proof-reading, dance music, such as David Guetta, had the biggest positive impact with participants increasing their speed by 20 per cent compared to tests undertaken with no music at all.

在解决校准工作时,大卫·库塔(David Guetta)等舞曲最有益处,听这种音乐的受试者比沒有音乐的受试者更快20%。

Dance music also had a positive effect on spell-checking with a 75 per cent pass rate compared to 68 per cent when no music was played at all.


The research, undertaken by Brighton-based Mindlab International, suggests that silent offices may be the least productive.

此项由坐落于布莱顿的美国国际性逻辑思维研究室(Mindlab International)进行的数据调查报告,职工在沉静的公司办公室工作是最低效能的。

‘The MusicWorks experiment revealed a positive correlation between music and productivity – overall it showed that when listening to music, nine out of 10 people performed better,’ said Dr David Lewis, chairman of Mindlab International.

国际性逻辑思维研究室现任主席戴维·赖维斯博士研究生(Dr David Lewis)称,“此项研究发觉了音乐对工作高效率的积极主动功效,从总体上,数据显示,听音乐时9/10的人工作得更强。”